The Rockford Maker Network (RMN) is a partnership of organizations, educational institutions and individuals leading the development and programming of maker spaces and supporting collaboration among network partners throughout the Rockford area in order to drive a prosperous community through hands-on, life-long opportunities for learning innovation, design, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.


  • RMN partners support the development of the talents, knowledge and skills of students and entrepreneurs in science, engineering, arts, crafts, design, and manufacturing.
  • RMN partners assist Rockford makers in creating products, from handbags to robots, utilizing a variety of tools from 3D printers to hand tools and more.
  • RMN will support its partners in developing and acquiring the space, tools, materials, marketing, and programming for successful maker spaces that enable students and entrepreneurs to thrive.

Maker Defined

Makers are anyone from curious individual who wants to learn more to seasoned expert who engage in activities from baking, sewing, and paper crafts to glass blowing, welding, small form computer programming, and wood working. Makers see possibilities everywhere and often use various mediums, sometimes in surprising new ways, to bring their visions to reality. They also are very interested in learning and teaching others. The only real requirements to being a Maker are curiosity, respect, and fun. The Rockford Maker Network is committed to working with area Maker Spaces and Organizations to bring as many resources as possible together in one place to serve the Makers.